ATTENTION: 5 Global Trends That Will Affect Why Millenials Are Using Top Sheets on Bed in [2020]

Lets Go Down The List

I’m not a millennial but apparently I sleep like one.That’s because when I wriggle into bed at night, I slip between the scandalous combination of a fitted sheet and a comforter-filled duvet. In case you missed the drama: There’s no top sheet anywhere in this equation. Those flat, floppy beasts get tossed into the highest corner in my linen closet, never to be seen again.

I’m not the first to weigh in on the topic-but where the movement was once fringe or hush-hush, it’s now out in the open. In fact, top-sheet truthers are passionate and offer reams (bolts?) of compelling evidence for the superiority of this choice.

For starters, the top sheet doesn’t play well with others-it invariably ends up in a damp, dispirited wad toward the lower third of the bed, twisted around like a bad metaphor.

What’s more, the top sheet adds time to the bed-making process as well, whereas repositioning a duvet-only bed takes barely two flicks of the wrist-never requiring that you actually walk around the entire bed once or twice to get it all just right. (Hard pass.)


Those two reasons don’t hold much sway with the likes of homemaking doyenne Suzanne Pollak, founder of the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits, who emits something between a gasp and a dry-heave when I call her to talk about the practice.

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