10 Sure Signs You’ve Met Your Soulmate




“People think a soulmate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soulmate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

The idea of a soulmate can indeed be very baffling. With so many different people in the world, it is difficult to hope for a “perfect match”. Also, your soulmate does not necessarily mean better-half; it can be anyone with whom you connect deeply – a friend, a teacher and even your parents.

Kailen Rosenberg, founder of The Lodge Social Club, believes that “A soulmate isn’t always wrapped in the perfect package, physically or in terms of life circumstances — nor does it mean that the relationship will come without challenges. Yet, the difference is that the circumstances and challenges are a strengthening power that become the glue that keeps you together through the difficult times and helps each of you become your most authentic self.”

Here are 10 signs that will prove you’ve met your soulmate already:

1. You Are At Ease With Them
You know how they say love gives you butterflies in your tummy? But being around a soulmate is a totally different feeling. You will feel calm, no nervousness or anxiety, and your soul will instantly recognize his as its missing part. You will not have to put up a face to meet this person in your life, it will all fall into place.

2. Opposites Can Actually Attract
Nobody can be perfect, but what if someone’s vice and virtues fit perfectly? That’s what soulmates are all about: balance. If you are all about the adrenaline rush then your soulmate can be a dexterous planner! You don’t necessarily have to be similar.

3. You Will Just Know
With soulmates, it is the vibe and connection that matter more than anything else. Petty trivialities, like looks, will cease to matter and you will seek a bond that’s deeper and unaffected by such things. You have to take chances and not overthink. It may so happen that you miss a party because of the scenarios you built in your head, and that is the place you were destined to meet your soulmate.

4. You Have Identical Set Of Values
So unlike what romcoms would want us to believe; only love is never enough. You need to sync properly. Whatever you believe in must also be in your partner’s value system in order to avoid chaos. It is extremely important to have similar values because you can’t live with someone whose life views don’t match yours. Soulmates never face the problem of “having to adjust” or “compromise”, because they want the same things.

5. You Know Them Inside Out
You have seen their dark side and it doesn’t bother you. You can’t really change someone completely. Your soulmate will stick with you through thick and thin, when no one else in the world will.

6. You Feel What He Feels
“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” — Emily Brontë

You can actually feel what your soulmate is feeling because you two are connected at a spiritual level. It may sound absurd but if your mate is sad, you too are bound to feel low. This is a healthy sign as you both truly understand each other and try to find comfort.

7. The Current
When you meet your soulmate, you involuntarily fall in love and the attraction is wild. You know that the person is a natural extension of you and no other feeling can be compared. You feel an electric current when he touches you and everything else ceases to exist. Go Next Page To See More.