Spicy Pork-Hatch Chili Casserole

This one-pan easy-bake casserole recipe is loaded with the savory flavors of roasted Hatch chile peppers, tomatoes, pork loin, pasta noodles and cheddar cheese. It’s a perfect weeknight meal.

It’s Hatch chile season, my friends, so I hope you are fortunate enough to be cooking with some Hatch peppers. I do not live in New Mexico where the Hatch region resides, but I don’t let that stop me. I order them online and have roasted Hatch peppers delivered to my door.

Don’t get me wrong. I still grow various peppers that are traditionally grown in the Hatch region – I’m partial to Big Jim’s – but there is something special about Hatch peppers that are actually grown and harvested in that region.

Like the location of grapes grown for making wine, the areas where chili peppers are grown have a profound effect on the peppers produced, which in turn is noticed in the dishes you make.

Most people will make sauces or stuffed peppers with their Hatch peppers, but I like to add them to practically anything, like this cheesy pork casserole. Talk about#YUM.

Spicy Pork-Hatch Chili Casserole – Recipe

It is filled with pork loin (Iused leftover pork loin, but any cooked pork loin will work here), tomatoes, Hatch peppers, jalapeno and serrano peppers for a bit of extra heat and substance, loads of seasonings, pasta noodles and cheese to top the whole thing off.

You’ll get plenty of roasted pepper flavor in every bit. Casseroles are super easy and convenient for when you need a quick meal. There isn’t a whole lot of cooking here, especially if you’re using leftover pork like I am, though this recipe will work easily with chicken.

Cook down your vegetables and seasonings, boil some pasta, cover it with cheese and bake.

It will also work for a make-ahead meal. You can prep it early then cover it and bake it later that evening. Bring it to a party. Everyone will love you!

I hope you enjoy the casserole!


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