10 Hidden Symptoms of Depression Most People Ignore



While people are increasingly aware of mental health issues across the globe, it’s still common for patients to arrive at a psychiatrist or therapist after decades of untreated suffering because neither they nor the people around them recognized the subtle signs and symptoms of depression or MDD (Major Depressive Disorder).

Being depressed isn’t just about sadness, or crying, or hating yourself all the time. It’s not necessarily suicidal tendencies and bad feelings. Sometimes, it’s far subtler—it can be sitting down to watch TV, flipping through channels idly, and giving up on finding something interesting every single night. It can be eating too much, sleeping too little, and living with a roommate you despise.

Today, we’ll talk about ten red flags for depression that can go ignored and unnoticed for years. Maybe you suspect yourself of being depressed, or a loved one. Maybe you already know, and you’re just looking for ways to spot a downward spiral. Either way, these ten overlooked symptoms can help you spot the problem even when it is hidden.



Chronic boredom is a huge red flag for a depressed person, and is often the first noticeable symptom for patients who, for whatever reason, don’t have a personality or an environment prone to negativity. Boredom stemming from depressed mood is often described in a broader sense, such as a loss of enjoyment from things you once took pleasure from. This is known as anhedonia.

When the hobbies and social events and entertainment that used to keep you pleasantly busy doesn’t do anything for you anymore, that can often be one of the hidden symptoms of depression. It’s important to be especially alert when nothing seems fun anymore and what you do fill your time with is simply tolerable;

watching TV show reruns, reading magazines, clicking through websites, never reaching out to do anything new or ‘exciting’ because there’s no spark to it. If you’re glad to get off work, but don’t feel excited about anything you could do once you have free time, that’s a bad sign.